The Siskiyou County Amateur Radio Association (SCARA) conducts a weekly net every Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. on the SCARA repeater system. “Active” members are called first. Members who check in at least once during the month will remain or be put on the “Active Member” list. Visitors are always welcome to check in and are encouraged to do so; visitors will be called for after the end of the member roll call.

SCARA Net Control Operator Schedule

  • January 2018:   Don Hasemeyer, K6NOD
  • February 2018: Matt Holmes, WL7LX
  • March 2018:  Annie Smith, KM6BVL
  • April 2018:  Al Kiep, WA6IHK
  • May 2018:  Dennis Engdahl, NR6J
  • June 2018:  Mama Synk, KK6IUJ
  • July 2018:  volunteer needed
  • August 2018: John Hasemeyer, KI6MQX
  • September 2018:  Martin Nile, KI6WJP
  • October 2018:  Stephen Concklin, WA6KJV
  • November 2018:  Dianne Hasemeyer, K6GYL
  • December 2018:  Gordon Loomis, WA6MSC

Alternate/Backup Net Control Operators:

  • Gordon Loomis, WA6MSC
  • Al Kiep, WA6IHK

Persons wishing to volunteer to be a Net Control Operator should contact one of the club officers or sign up at one of the monthly breakfast meetings.

Click for SCARA Net Roll Call

Net Control Script & Roll Call was last updated on: February 23, 2018.